Honey King CD Review

By CJ Plain  May 24 2012

 This CD has been on the burner for a while now.  I was privileged to meet Honey King through ReverbNation. For those that don't know, I did an ad there to find artists to play on my two internet radio shows. Danny Pavas, one of the members, contacted me and sent me a few Cd's. So, after living with this CD for the better part of 5-6 months, let's see what we have here:

1) Can't Stop Havin' Fun: Song starts with a subtle, vox style vocal line before launching into a full blown ZZ Top meets The Black Keys type rocker. Definitely gets the blood pumpin.

2) I Don't Know: First of the songs to feature female vocals. Another rowdy, stomper of a song witha difinitive groove.  Real nice solo in this one.

3) High School Girl: A big ole blues rocker in the style of Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Fat bass groove laid over some tasty organ playing.

4) I Pray You're Feelin' Fine: A great song with a laid back groove. Combined male/female vocals here that really work. This song would work perfectly for a riding scene in 
Sons of Anarchy.

5) Takin' The Long Way (Home): Another song with combined male/female vocals. This song is all about the groove. Very subtle keys and acoustic guitar laid over a fat bass groove.  The emotions of the vocals really carry this song to a level above before the solo kicks in.

6) Sweet Little Sister: Song opens with a bit of a Pink Floyd feel before kicking into a southwestern style tune a la Tom Russell or Steve Earle. Once again, the vocals really stand out and take the song to a higher level. Did I mention these guys have a hell of a bass groove in the songs?

7)  Makin' Money:  This has blues written all over it.  Female vocals over a massive bass line with a guitar line that lays perfectly in the groove untill hitting you full force with the solo.  Imagine a smoky, blues club at 1am, then imagine the music...it woud be THIS song.

8)  Mindin' My Business:  Plain and simple, this has Etta James written all over it.  The vocals, the swagger, the perfect blend of jazz and blues.

9)  Rat Race Loser:  This song has VEGAS written on it.  You can almost picture Elvis himself singing this one.  Another song that would be perfect for Sons Of Anarchy.

10)  For Which I Exist:  Cool little sing along song but the weakest song of the CD, I believe

11)  Yo No Sé:  The acoustic version of the song "I Don't Know"  Acoustic guitars over some really awesome Conga style drumming.  Fun song to wrap it all up on a high note.

CONCLUSION:  One of the most well rounded CD's I've heard this year.  What really stands out here is the overall quality of the playing.  Each and every song is about the groove, the harmony, and the listener.  There's no "superstars" here trying to play over each other, just a group of musicians that know how to rock together.  This is a seriously fun slab of music to hear.  I can't imagine anyone's music collection being complete without this in it.  These guys may not be on a major label, but they SHOULD BE.

SCORE: 9 out of 10

STANDOUT TRACKS: Can't Stop Havin' Fun, I Pray You're Feelin' Fine, Rat Race Loser

Honey King CD Review

By theneverendingstage May 25 2012

I listen to bands all day long! Thousands of them a month! Honey King is one of the most talented group of musicians I've ever heard! They are simply amazing! Http://www.theneverendingstage.com Mike, co-founder and leader of artist development!